Friday, January 29, 2016

4 Steps to Deep-Clean Your Kitchen

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How would you like to eat your food made with a dirty kitchen? Who likes it? Nobody, right? The kitchen is where we can make our healthy and delicious food. It's also a place where we can have a good appetite to eat our food. Of course, you definitely don't want to mess that up, right? If you do, then you might not like the effects it will have on your stomach.

But sad to say, not all homeowners observe deep-clean on their kitchen. Yes, it may be clean on the outer space, but if you are going to look into its sides and any gutters in the kitchen, you may not like what you will see. Even if you are living in Amaia Homes, there is still a need for you to have and do a deep-clean in your kitchen.

Well, if you are one of those homeowners who don't have any idea at all on how to do such, then below are some tips or steps you can apply to your kitchen. Mind you, these steps are just simple and doable yet effective enough to have a clean kitchen.

Uncramp your kitchen cabinets

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Kitchen cabinets are one of the places where dirt is usually seen. There are even times that only the dust on the cabinet was included in cleaning, but you don't know that there are still small or tiny particles that you miss cleaning. That is why you also have the need to use effective spray cleaners that can take away that tiny dirt in your kitchen cabinet.

Of course, not just with the tiny particles, you also have the need to declutter things on the kitchen. If you think that you've been keeping things that are not that useful in the kitchen, then you better throw it away or give it to someone who can still use that particular thing. Empty the cupboards and drawers for you to clean it properly and successfully.

Clean grime and grease on the kitchen

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There are just times that you can avoid being messy when you cook your food. Sometimes, you can spill the oil on the table or any surfaces in the kitchen. Of course, if you don't clean it immediately, it will be harder for you to clean it later on. That is why, there are some grime and grease that were left behind on kitchen surfaces, which makes it even harder to clean.

Well, you can now say goodbye to grime and grease by wiping down all surfaces with a kitchen degreaser, then polish the wood or metal with an appropriate polish. Moreover, if you have a tile backsplash, scrub the grout lines with lemon juice and salt to get rid of the stains you have in the kitchen, then rinse it with warm water.

Appreciate your appliances with extra TLC

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We use our appliances in the kitchen every day. Let's take our refrigerator for example; we usually get some food for us to eat, we tend to open and close its door. That is why we can't avoid that there are also some appliances that are completely covered with fingerprints. Well, fret not! Since there are also remedies to help clean your fridge and other appliance in your kitchen.

Well, you can start by cleaning their exteriors using the cleanser recommended by the manufacturer. Of course, wipe it will clean cloth. Moreover, you can also treat your fridge like any other cabinets that you have, you can pull everything out and toss any food and other condiments that are already past their expiration dates. When it comes to your stove, you can wash it with warm water.  Use a little elbow grease to rub off the spot, and wipe away the paste you see in the stove.

Finish with the floor
Aside from cleaning your appliances and other things you have in the kitchen, don't forget to finish your deep-clean with the floor. Of course, the floor is also one of the most important things you should not forget to clean. Well, grab your dust-busting instrument and wipe it with a mop and you're done.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Going Back To The Basics: How Homeowners Can Save More Money

Ok, let's face it! Saving is a difficult task to do. Agree? For some reasons, we have some responsibilities and obligations to pay our monthly expenses – water and electricity bills, rent, groceries, etc. And saving money is the least we can think of considering these things. But don't you know that saving money should be your top priority despite having all of your expenses? It doesn't matter if you are living in a BGC condo, whatever your expenses are at home; there is still a need for you to save.

Whether you realize it or not, you can save money if you are willing to do it. Of course, being discipline in when it comes to handling finances is one of the main factors you need to consider. Yes, we all do know that saving may be hard on our part. And if you think that there are no other ways to save, then you better think again. There are a lot. In fact, this is one of the things some homeowners do to save more money than not doing something at all.

Well, if you are one of those homeowners who want to take savings to the next level, below are some ideas or tips for you to apply. With that, you will eventually realize that following such may give you satisfying results.

Install ceiling fans

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If you can live without any air conditioner, you might as well consider installing ceiling fans in your home. Yes, having an AC is also good, and it makes our house even cooler. But the more you use AC, the more electrical bills you need to pay. And it adds up to your monthly expense. However, if you go for ceiling fans, it doesn't give you enough air and right ventilation, but you can also save more money than using of AC alone.

Hang clothes rack in your laundry room or if possible, an outdoor clothesline

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Unless you need your clothes to dry since you'll use it the next day, using of spinner or any drying machine might be costly on your part. If you think that you not in a rush when drying your clothes, you might as well hang it in your laundry room or outside of your home and let it dry alone. With that, you are saving a lot when it comes to your electricity bills.

Check all toilets, faucets and under-sing plumbing for leaks or constant running

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It might be one of the reasons why your water expenses are getting high. Regular checking of these things mentioned above is important for you not to waste your water. Of course, you have to make sure that there will be no leaks and other damages that can cause you into financial trouble later on.

Install LED or CFL light bulbs

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Whether you realize it or not, your lights also consume a lot of energy on your electricity. Of course, we use lights every single day. And if we don't know that that particular light consume more energy than the other, you might be paying your bills at an expensive rate. However, if you replace your old lightings and install an LED or a CFL light bulb, you can save more money since these things consume lesser energy than the old ones.

Choose energy efficient appliance

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If you don't know, some appliances consume more energy than what you think. That means, if you are not careful enough when choosing the right tools for you home, you will most likely pay your electricity bills at a higher rate. Before you decide on what kind of appliances you want to have; be it the refrigerator, clothes washer, dishwasher, microwave, TV, etc., make sure to ask the store attendant about it.

Don't overspend on useless things

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Spending on the things that are not that useful to you is a no-no if you want to save more money. Of course, before you decide on buying that particular thing, you have to think again and again on its purpose. And if you think that that particular thing is not that useful and necessary, then might as well scrap the idea of buying it. Remember, you are saving. That means, you also have to cut down your expenses.