Monday, December 4, 2017

Home Living: 4 Ways for a Lively Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Thus, it should be a place that aims to spread joy and fulfillment. Though food will make you happy, being in the kitchen should be enough to make you smile.

When you spend extended periods in a room, it's a sign that you enjoy your time in it. Cooking, stocking food supplies and chopping off fresh produce for your next meal should be the only things that will make you visit the kitchen. You can influence each member of the family to appreciate your home's have by making these changes.

1. Get a view of the dining table

Some properties can have small kitchens. Space can be limited and can only fit one person. Lively rooms are open and spacious as they allow as many activities that can occur.

If you stumble upon the cheapest house and lot for sale in Philippines with a limited kitchen floor area, make sure it has a great view of the dining area. The sight of family members looking forward to chow a tasty meal is enough to fill the space with happy vibes. Moreover, you get to hear the happy chatter and the musical sound of the cutlery while preparing the day's meal.

Make sure you have a functional dining table. A circular glass table that resembles a martini glass is elegant and uber chic. It will fit right into an affordable condo. Large dining areas are best with long, rectangular tables perfect for large families.

2. Clear the area for cooking

Keep the stovetop oil-free and gleaming. If you have a white kitchen, maintain its scot-free appearance. White cooking areas appeal to a lot of homeowners because of its brightness and cleanliness. A clean kitchen is considered well-kept and organized while bright areas seem to have more life than the rest of the rooms at home.

Wash the tools after you use them and keep them in their respective places. Ensure they are dry to prevent bacteria from growing and rust from spreading. Use soap and other cleaning agents if you have to and stash them in cupboards out of children's reach.

3. Embrace open shelves

Wall shelves, wire racks, and mounted cabinets without doors are trends of 2017. Expect the trend stick until the next year especially with the rising popularity of condo living.

Small spaces win big time with open shelving because it provides design and storage solutions. They are also affordable and easy to install. You can mount planks of wood or wire baskets with the aid of various tools.

Most kitchens use these kinds of storage to display a collection of wine and prized china. You most definitely can use this type of shelving for everyday flatware and various kitchen spices and tools. You can paint the wall a contrasting color to make white ceramics pop out. You can hang new stem glasses, pans and pots above the island counter for the ultimate freestyle kitchen.

4. Sanitize the surfaces

Regularly replace the rags and sponges you use to clean the area. Wet and damp cleaning items are breeding ground of microorganisms that can cause various sickness. A disease-infested room will won't contribute to a conducive space for living.

To avoid the spread of diseases, you can wipe wet areas with a dry cloth. Alternate from using the rags, so you have time to wash them. At the same time, keep appliances like blenders and tools such a can opener in pristine condition by wiping off the grime and sterilizing each time you are done using them.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen is one way to entice other people to enter the space. Besides the neat and orderly appearance, adding appealing features such as showcasing your best dinnerware and highlighting the dining area makes the stay in the kitchen more enjoyable.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Home Living: 3 Ways To Decorate a Deserted Nook

Most homes can't avoid an empty corner. A house may end up with an irregular shape that makes it impossible to find a way to work around it. It can pose a challenge in decorating as well as identifying its function.

A house and lot for sale in Cavite may or may not have this problem. If it does, here are some ways you can make use of the untouched corners of your new home.

1. Bring the party at home.

You can be ready to entertain visitors and guests by placing a cart or filling a cabinet with beverages and favorite drinks at the corner of your home. It quickly brings life to the isolated area of the room.

If you plan to use a cart, choose a vintage design. Most of these carts are made of brass and other metallic materials. They include intricate designs that can bring a different ambiance to the area. It adds luxury and creates a classy feel. Place elegant pieces of accessories such as spare glasses, a vase of flowers, scented candles, and even a framed photo. 

For a steady setup, you can install a wall-mounted cabinet or bare shelves. The mounted storage provides extra space for ice buckets, tongs, and mixers. You can use the surface as the tabletop to maximize its utility. Add high chairs and stools to complete the look of your bar.

2. Use the area for work.

To make the most of an empty corner, you can transform the area into a place that helps you accomplish your daily tasks and goals. Consequently, bringing the action in the secluded part of the room directs people's attention to it. Hence, the area becomes an integral part of daily life.

You can set up your home office in the corner of the bedroom. Setting your work table on one side of your sleeping quarters retains its tranquility while allowing you to pile an work on high energy activities on one side. To make it work, choose a desk that can accommodate all of your projects and supplies.

If you require a wide surface, take a large and sturdy desk. Make sure the surface is smooth and free of bumps. That way, you finish your drawings and write-ups in peace. If the color of the desk is a problem, be sure to pick one in a neutral shade. A white wood, black glossy or matte lacquer and gray steel desks are some examples of tables in basic shades that can complement any room style. 

3. Use nature as an inspiration.

Some homes feel complete except for the nook devoid of life. Often, these spaces are cramped and limited, so they are left untouched. They only become important when you sweep the floor and dust the cobwebs. Sometimes, they only come to mind during spring cleaning.

If you still have deserted spaces at home, use the area to help your home become healthy and a friend to nature. Get inspired by the natural ambiance of the outdoors. The sunlight, flowers, trees and chirping birds are some of the Earth's gifts that you can include in your home.

Increase the brightness of your indoors by adding floor lamps or table lamps by the corners of the room. If you plan to enhance the beauty of the place, you can add a side table with a vase. Go for a vessel with minimal design to hold your favorite flowers. Flowers are not only visually pleasing, but they also give off a pleasant smell. You can even go for tall plants so you won't have to replace the contents of the vase each time the petals start to wilt.

These are examples of what you can do to achieve a decorated and well-organized home. There are other things you can do to make your home a happy place. Those decisions will depend on you and your family's lifestyle.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Home Living: 5 Ways for an Uplifting Bedroom

A happy home starts with well-coordinated parts. Fulfilled families enjoy their kitchen, bonding time in the living room and time of reflection and solitude in the bedroom. Each area has a function and a feature that helps the family towards their desires and goals.

To achieve their dreams and goals, they need ample rest each day. Thus, the home needs to secure its most intimate sanctuary - the bedroom. Rest and rejuvenation happen in the room, so it's essential to create a positive and uplifting aura. You can achieve that by following these five steps.

1. Make the bedroom a sacred place.

The bedroom is made for sleeping. Try not to conduct adrenaline-inducing and highly-stressful activities such as working out, doing homework or catching up unfinished tasks from work. Bringing these pursuits in the bedroom allows the brain to associate the actions to the room.

If there are no other options to conduct these activities at home, you can designate a specific place to work. Using a desk or study table compiles all the necessary things you need while giving you the comfort to work on the things to accomplish.

2. Allow sunshine and fresh air to enter the space.

Sunlight is not only healthy, but it is also an effective mood lifter. Exposure to sunlight helps the body adjust its circadian rhythm to its natural state. Opening the blinds during daytime will bring positive effects to your body. Consequently, allowing the rays of the sun to penetrate the room kills the bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Meanwhile, refreshing the quality of air on a daily basis gets rid of the stagnant element in the atmosphere. Fresh air is good for the body as it helps the body function properly.

3. Add a headboard.

A headboard is not only an ornament or decorative piece in the bedroom. It is useful in providing support to your head when sleeping. Installing a headboard is essential in the practice of feng shui as it allows for protection to the subconscious mind as it goes to reestablish energy levels to a balanced state.

4. Paint the walls with pale hues.

Muted and soft colors resemble the color of nature. At the same time, the colors provide calming effects as it has a relaxing impact on the body. For instance, blue slows down the heart rate which in turn decreases the blood pressure and stabilizes breathing levels.

If you want to encourage positive thoughts in your room, paint it with green. Bright yet subdued shades of green are associated with happiness and nature. Other pale colors like pink, lavender, lilac, and peach are some of the colors you can use in the bedroom.

5. Keep it clean

A happy home is a clean home, and a clean home starts with tidy rooms. Take time to organize and declutter your sacred space. A messy room is not only disorganized. It also provides a stressful and unappealing sight. Instead of looking forward to spending time in your room, you will be deterred with the idea as it becomes a head sore to sort the mess.

To prevent unmanageable clutter, dispose of junk and the things you no longer need. Sweep and mop the floor, remove cobwebs and place the items in their respective storages.

Making the bedroom the most comfortable and the most appealing space at home is vital to a happy home. With sunlight, suitable colors and storages for all distracting items in the room, you can achieve a relaxing bedroom in your house and lot in the area of Cavite. There are various house and lot for sale in Cavite that are sure to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Low-key Upgrades You Should Do to Increase Home Value

Almost everyone is looking for the cheapest house and lot for sale in the Philippines. However, there’s a connotation that cheap houses are unorganized and under maintained. It is a sentiment that comes with resold homes passed to different owners.

Whether you’re selling or planning to sell your property, you should know how to maintain the value of your house. The simplest solution is by making improvements regarding interiors. There are many aspects of the house that need changes, yet the elements go unnoticed. Thus, it slowly decreases your home value without you knowing. We’ve compiled our notes and found some minor upgrades you can and should do to raise your property’s value.



A kitchen is a busy place. Sometimes, we prepare meals more than three times. We can say it is the most abused room in the house. Check the faucets, lighting fixtures and cabinets. Are they still in good condition? Are they still functioning well? If not, replace them with new ones.

A rusty faucet, dimming lights and squeaky cabinets and doors are signs of an aging home. Get a new faucet and ask help from a plumber or family member who knows how to replace water fixtures. Same with light fixtures. Get them changed as soon as you buy a new one. Replace the bulb while you’re at it. Put some oil on the cabinet and door hinges to remove the squeaking sounds. Give them a fresh look by coating it with a new color. You can also change the handles to make it visually appealing.

The kitchen also has the most appliances. Once in a while, test their condition. Are they still in their top shape? More importantly, do you still use them? Donate or dispose of appliances that no longer serves a purpose. Have broken ones repaired and if it’s not possible anymore, buy a new one.  


bath, feet, water, tub, home improvement, bathing, drain, shower

There’s nothing more annoying than a toilet bowl without a flush. It may be a small inconvenience for some, but it’s a feature that people expect in a bathroom. You need to get this covered as soon as possible or say goodbye to you prospective buyers.

Upgrade the bathroom by fixing the flush, water sources, and the faucets. Make sure there are no leaks that could cause flooding. If you have a shower, replace the shower head for a better water pressure and surge. A low-key way to change the look of the bathroom is by changing the toilet seat and installing a pedestal sink. A sink would complete the look of a barren bathroom.

Living Room, Bedroom, and Guest Rooms

home improvement, blue wall, faded paint, chipping paint, old

The signs of wear and tear are reflected on the walls.

White turns to yellow and dark and bright colors fade into its light counterparts. The old paint starts to flake. Bring life to the rooms by painting the walls. You may use the same color on the wall or get a makeover by splashing a different color. Include the ceiling to revive all interiors. You can paint the trim with an eye-catching color contrast to the ceiling and the wall.

Another thing to add to your rooms is storage spaces. Storage can be in the form of shelving units, cabinets, closets, and drawers. A place with an organized storage area and designation is presentable and pleasing to the eye. If you’re feeling cramped with all the stuff you have, consider arranging your house to make space for extra shelves. Although the clutter can also mean purging stuff, it is also a perfect time for you to assess your home when it comes to layout and storage.

Front door and Entryway

front, front door, home improvement, hedge, windows, curtain, entry, doorbell, outdoor light

A house, no matter the size, needs an entryway.

The entryway separates the front door from the living room or receiving area. It gives the people a moment to pause before taking in the rest of the house. The entrance is the first thing that visitors see. Therefore, their judgment will rest on the appearance of these two. The goal is to have an inviting and enticing front so your house can make a lasting impression.

If the door shows signs of weathering while the knob doesn’t cooperate anymore, it’s time to upgrade. Paint or varnish the door. Install a new doorknob and update the locks. Add some decorations beside the door like potted plants, a welcome mat, and outdoor lighting. The entryway also needs decorations, but it needs more functionality that visuals. Have a repurposed bookshelf as shoe racks or barrel crates for umbrellas and other stuff. Don’t forget to add a hanging rack for your coats.

These upgrades are low-key because these details are often missed out by homeowners. Once buyers notice that you’ve taken extra steps to make the house as welcoming as possible, you will get extra points that may help you close a deal sooner than you have thought.

Friday, August 4, 2017

A Guide To Buying Property in the North’s Posh Community

Vertis Northone of Ayala’s pioneering mixed-use community in the North, should be your next address. The sanctuary of green, rising residential towers, and retail options are all within reach. The development thrives on a self-sustaining model - living, work life, and recreation all in one place.

Vertis North brings luxurious living the Quezon City with its high-rise condominiums. There’s Avida Towers Vita and Sola which has generous space in its units and common areas. Both towers are near the Corporate Center and Vertis North Gardens which allows the residents to relax and pursue leisure activities like running, biking or simply enjoy the free-flowing air and the sun. The highlight of the district’s residential expanse is High Park, an exclusive residential tower by Alveo. High Park has 35-storeys and two towers - Tower One and Two - and offers the opulence of contemporary living. 

With all the development options available, buying a property in Quezon City is a great investment. Thus, here’s a guide on what you should look for in a prime property or a luxury condo.

Consider the architecture

condo, interiors, aesthetic, luxury condo, condo inspiration, home buying, home buying giude

Architecture is what gives the property its value. State-of-the-art condominiums have an air of exclusivity and uniqueness, yet their interiors are practical. The architects and engineer behind well-orchestrated developments should have good track records. The professionals are also credible for they prefer high-grade materials to construct the buildings. Still, look for condos that used natural wood, metals, and stones in its foundations. These materials last longer than unnatural substitutes and replicas.

Go for minimal details

condo, interiors, aesthetic, luxury condo, condo inspiration, home buying, home buying giude
Photo by Naomi Hebert

Most luxury condominiums are fully furnished. The place may resemble a work of art, but the additional fixtures and finishes only add to the cost. These extra “bling” raise expenses once its life cycles come to an end. Besides these touches, make sure that the unit has clear separations for each room. The rooms should have a smart layout meaning the bathroom should be accessible for the guests. Avoid condos with awkward columns and space-wasting hallways.

Ceiling Height and Storage

condo, interiors, aesthetic, luxury condo, condo inspiration, home buying, home buying giude
Photo by Philipp Berndt

When it comes to ceilings, the higher, the better but for condos, it should be 14 feet on average. Ceilings above or below that height aren’t conducive to space.

There should be ample storage areas in the condo, and when additional storage is needed, there should be provisions to build closets. Storage areas should be measured in square footage while ceilings should be in the cubic footage.

Choose the essentials

condo, interiors, aesthetic, luxury condo, condo inspiration, home buying, home buying giude
Photo by Wil Seaman

Living in the city demands time, so dwelling in a residential unit with an in-house laundromat saves the hassle of keeping up with dirty clothes. If a laundromat isn’t available, a laundry area helps. Besides a laundry area, go for a condo with a fitness area. Some residential developments have pools, playing courts or biking and running tracks instead of a gym. These features are more valuable than a pet spa or mini-golf which are exclusive to the affluent. Those amenities also don’t have lasting value. High Park has interactive amenities like its al fresco lounge, fitness gym, pool and play rooms. Their notable feature is the Sky Lounge which is ideal for chilling indoors.

Pick the right view

condo, interiors, aesthetic, luxury condo, condo inspiration, home buying, home buying giude

The view depends on the condo’s location. The best view is a view that gives peace and serenity to the homeowner. Beware of any future developments that may obstruct the view and natural light. 
Vertis North is within the proximity of QC’s central business district. Therefore residents will have a glimpse of the bustling district. Choose a condo unit with an unobstructed view. Tower One has Sky Gardens while Tower Two has Sky Park which are both within the scenic Vertis Park.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Why Pampanga is Underrated When It Comes to Real Estate

Pampanga, the gateway to Central Luzon, was the center during the Spanish colonization. The history and culture of the past remained embedded in its people and is reflected in their preparation of delectable dishes and colorful cooking palette. It is dubbed as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines after all. 

In the modern era, it is the next big thing. Greater Manila, which includes Bulacan and provinces of the South (Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal) are congested and polluted, so it's better to look for options to relocate. What better place than Pampanga? With the development of Clark Green City and Clark International Airport, real estate developers will be eyeing for land spaces and lots to market house and lot for sale in Pampanga.


Pampanga has three cities - Angeles City is an independent city - and 19 municipalities under different classes. It is surrounded by its neighboring provinces; Tarlac in the North, Nueva Ecija in the Northeast, Bulacan in the East, Bataan in the Southwest and Zambales in the West. Manila Bay is directly in the South, where fishing activities and shipping are conducted. 

sctex, expressway, central luzon, philippines, pampanga, subic

Most of Pampanga is part of NLEX and SCTEX. The placement makes the province accessible for commuters, travelers, and markets to Metro Manila. It also has Clark International Airport which caters to domestic and international flights.The airport is less crowded than Manila International Airport (NAIA).

Why Stay in Pampanga

Opportunities to grow

Companies are branching out in other areas of the country, and some are setting their eye on Pampanga. Besides the Duterte's administration ‘BUILD, BUILD, BUILD' big ticket project, other developers like Megaworld will begin land development to set up a business district in the province. Buildings will be for business-process outsourcing firms and other IT companies expanding or starting their operations in the North. 
Alphamed Medical Group Inc., a group of doctors specializing in different medical areas, recently established a branch in the municipality of Mexico. Various industries setting up in the province brings services closer to the people. 
The ability to grown does not only concern economic improvement. Personal growth starts from learning institutions. Schools now prefer suburban areas to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city that impedes the student's learning. Thus schools and universities are closer to home than ever before. Pampanga is not only the perfect suburban setting, but it is also the home of the first and oldest private institution in the country. Lubao Institute was founded in 1929 and is the first and oldest non-sectarian school in Lubao.

Less expensive

The cost of living in Pampanga is less compared to Metro Manila. Pampanga is still a province even if there are highly urbanized cities in the area. There are other housing options available in Mabalacat and Porac. Rent-to-own properties are significantly much affordable in San Fernando and Angeles City than other provinces. OFWs and expats looking for low-cost accommodations can choose from different home developments available in the area.

Having a place in the fastest growing city and the future central business hub of the country saves a lot of money before housing triples their value. Owning a house also lessens the need to commute from home to the workplace. It reduces the expenses for transportation and shelter as it removes the need to rent a space. 

Work life diversion

fontana hot springs leisure park and casino, fontana pampanga, pampanga, recreation, facilities

Latest housing developments and suburbs now include clubhouses, swimming pools, and fitness facilities which give time off the daily grind. Nature is also an important aspect of recreation that's why some housing projects are strategically located near golf courses and nature parks. In the heart of Clark Freeport Zone lies the Fontana Hot Springs Leisure Parks and Casino, where a suburban community is just a few minutes away. The hot springs, pools, grass parks and casinos are a perfect amusement for everyone in the family. Mabalacat has Dinosaur Island while Porac has SandBox, located within Alviera,  which features various outdoor activities and adrenaline pumping attractions. It has a playground, mini golf, roller coaster zip line and a giant swing! Sandbox gives the ultimate weekend experience.
The suburbs and homeowners communities are also distant from the noise, pollution, and traffic of the city. Since Pampanga isn't crowded and densely populated, it is peaceful and orderly. The quietness if the area offers a refreshing and relaxing feeling after a long day at work.

History and festivities  

lantern, christmas, festivals pampanga, giant lantern, christmas philippines

At night, Angeles City is teeming with lights and laughter of the party crowd. Around January and February, the city celebrates the Hot Air Balloon Festival which attracts tourists yearly. San Fernando has one-of-a-kind festivities like Sinukwan Festival and Frog Festival and grand celebrations like the Giant Lantern Festival. Lubao observes the Sampaguita Festival while Manalin has the Egg Festival every June.
Regarding history, the Spanish genuinely left its marks and traditions in Pampanga. The province has no shortage when it comes to churches. The oldest and prominent Catholic churches were built in its municipalities. Santa Monica Church and Santa Lucia Parish Church are some of the most visited church with numerous devotees.

Overall, Pampanga is an underrated province when it comes to family life and business opportunities. Although the area is flourishing on its own, it was neglected when economic development focused on Manila. Pampanga provides a wholesome environment suitable for family life, community engagement, and vigorous business. Its cities and municipalities are always open to welcome those who seek the relaxed pace of urban living.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Must-Haves for Your Kids at Home

Having kids at home is not easy. You need to get up early, prepare food and the things they need, and make sure they are well-taken care. More than that, you got to keep your condo in Manila or wherever you live, a child-friendly place. With all the furniture and things you have at home, can you honestly say your kids are safe and can be their happy place?

To help you in making your condo unit or house and rooms kid-friendly, here are some of the things you might want to consider having or doing:


Faucet Extender

You cannot carry your kids all the time, nor they can drag a chair and stand on it for them to reach the sink (which is not quite safe to do) so it’s better for you to have a faucet extender. What’s fun with this product is that it comes in different colors and designs too! Might appear to be nonsense since they can’t see it much yet. Nevertheless, having an extender on your main sink's faucet is a good step in making your home kid-friendly, especially if they are still small.




Rounded Furniture

Instead of having the usual rectangular or square-shaped tables and other furniture, you can try purchasing rounded or oval-shaped ones especially if your kids are just starting to crawl and walk.










Have Your TV Mounted

If your television is very easy to reach, you may want to consider having it mounted. We can see kids and adults tumbling down from TVs on tables, and we may find it entertaining, but it’s 0% safe. Aside from it’s harder to reach for kids, having your TVs mounted may be more comfortable when you are watching.






Fixed-cushion Sofa

Most of us own a removable couch cushion since it’s easier to clean. But since kids move a lot and there’s a tendency they can fall or slip thru the cushion, it’s better to have these cushions fixed. If you can’t afford to buy a new fixed-cushion sofa and still believe that removable cushions are still good, there are some ways on how to make the pillows more sturdy or fixed, but still removable. You can search online for different ways on how to prevent these cushions from sagging and slipping.








Electrical Outlets and Stove Knobs Cover

Electrical outlets cover can be easily bought in hardware and even in supermarket stores. Even though your kids’ fingers may not fit into the outlets' holes, due to curiosity and playfulness, they may stick metal conductors to those holes and may get electric shocks. Make sure that the covers that you would be buying are hard to remove for kids, but still easy for adults to adjust when needed.

Some kids can already reach your stove knobs. Aside from making sure you turn the gas tank off, you should also protect your oven. Most stove knobs are removable but replacing it then and now is quite a hassle so you can have it covered instead.


Cushion or Corner Guards

Edge and corner guards are a must-have especially if your furniture at home are mostly with sharp edges and corners, and your children are practicing to crawl and walk. Your little babies are prone to bumping so keep them safe by sticking or putting some cushion guards. You can also do your very own cushion guards using soft materials. Just be careful in using your materials because if it’s too mushy and squishy, the impact on bumping would still be the same. If it’s too hard, the kids will still get hurt just similar to when there are no cushion guards.


Box for Their Toys and Trinkets

More than making your house cleaner and better arranged, you are teaching kids to be responsible for their things. After playing with their toys, you can ask them to keep it properly and have their storage boxes secured.

(Credits to the rightful photo owners)

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Are You Ready to Buy a Condo?

You might be so interested in buying one of Manila properties, or if not, you are considering that condo for rent Bonifacio Global City. You are probably thinking of living on your own, settling down with your better half or contemplating on the thought of investing. We have different reasons and stories why we are tempted to buy or rent a condo unit. Whatever your rationale is, you should ask yourself: “Am I ready to buy a condo?”

Just like any other big things you do, buying a condo unit needs to be thoroughly reviewed. In this article, let us focus on your financial readiness. Time to review your bank accounts and assets, and see if you can afford to buy a condominium unit.

How much can I afford?

We can't give you a definite answer on that big question as different factors or variables affect individual capacity on buying a condo unit.

According to real estate experts, you can use the “2.5 rule” to estimate how much you can afford. How does it work? Note your net monthly income, and multiply it by 12. After getting the product, multiply it by 2.5, and the answer will be the maximum amount of condo unit you may afford to pay or buy.


Your net monthly income is ₱ 30, 000.
₱ 30, 000 x 12 = ₱ 360, 000
₱ 360, 000 x 2.5 = ₱ 900, 000
Maximum amount of condo you may afford: ₱ 900, 000

This is just a rough estimation on the amount of condo unit you may purchase.

Not all people can buy a condo unit with one-time-big-time payment (you must be really lucky!), so most of us go to our banks and see how can they finance our condominium. But don't forget how banks love to know the exact figures and calculations. They will carefully compute your income against your expenses. More than the computations and numbers, the banks also love rules. One of which is that only 25% of your net monthly income should be devoted to housing.

Using our previous example, given that your net monthly income is ₱ 30, 000, you can save ₱ 7, 500 for your condo unit. Unfortunately, if you are earning ₱ 30, 000, you might want to think of other ways of earning to afford your dream condo unit since the computed ₱ 7, 500 should cover not only the amortization but also the other costs of living and owning in a condominium.

You should also remember that we can quickly know your net income but not your expenses. Our spending practices vary from time to time. There are a lot of factors that may affect your budgeting – emergency needs, needs and wants, and other priorities.

Along the way of getting your dream condo unit, sacrifices are inevitable. If buying a condo unit is your top priority, you might postpone your expensive vacation or delay your plan of purchasing a new car, or other pricey liabilities.

Another thing for you to note is what will happen if you suddenly lose your primary source of income? Even though this may be out of your control, you should be able to keep your commitment to pay no matter what happens. That is why you should also have a generous amount of savings allocated for your condo unit expenses. You should have saved at least six months worth of your monthly amortization just in case you will be losing your job or have a drastic change in your monthly spending.

For example, your monthly allocation for your condo is ₱ 20, 000, you should have at least ₱ 120, 000 in your savings account.

After knowing all these things and thinking about your current situation, can you confidently say “yes” if you're asked, “are you ready to buy a condo?” No worries if you can't answer that yet. You got enough time to start looking for more cost-effective condo units or have other sources of income to finance your goal of owning a condominium.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Philippines as an Avian Archipelago

The Philippines is one among the very few countries that is considered to have mega-diversity, from flora and fauna specifically when it comes to birds and mammals. Birdwatching in the Philippines is the current trend among the birders worldwide. Let’s discover further what these birders love about the avian diversity in the country.

A look at the statistics

In the Philippines, the avifauna totals to about 657 species, 214 species of which are endemic. Of these endemic species, 68 are globally threatened, 52 are accidental or rare, and 5 are introduced by humans. Specifically, there are 48 non-passerines and 35 passerines.
According to a Science Daily article, biologists worldwide already considers the Philippines as a ‘biodiversity hotspot.’ They also claim that the country might have a unique bird species than what is already known. About 31% of all bird species found in the Philippines are regarded as Philippine-only (or can be found in the Philippines exclusively).

Where to bird watch

Further, there are more than 200 bird-watching sites in the country in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao with special mention in Palawan and Batanes.
The top bird-watching sites in the country are found in: Ilocos Norte, Cordillera Administrative Region, Cagayan, Pangasinan, Zambales, Bataan, Cavite, Pampanga, Laguna, Manila, Quezon, Bicol, Occidental Mindoro, Palawan, Negros Occidental, Negros Oriental, Batanes, Cebu, Bohol, Samar, Bukidnon, Agusan del Sur and Zamboanga.
For those who occupy Manila properties, the closest bird watching paradises are in Mt. Makiling Forest Reserve in Laguna, Mt. Palay-Palay National Park in Cavite and Las Piñas-Parañaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Zone. Another avifauna haven is in Wildlife and Bird Watching Sanctuary in Nuvali where you can see hundreds of bird species including herons and otters.

When to bird watch

Birding is possible all-year-round. However, it is best to visit the Philippines between December and July (dry season). During the wet season, it is tough to spot the majority of the birds though you can still watch or observe some species like pittas. Not to mention, terrains can get muddy, traveling to and fro the site will be more of a challenge.
Some local bird clubs also conduct bird festivals from time to time. Birders can contact these bird clubs to determine schedules.
The best time to bird watch is during the morning when they start to search for food. You should be up before 5 am.

Must-watch birds in the country

In the city, the most commonly observed birds are Eurasian tree sparrow, Yellow-vented bulbul, Olive-backed sunbird, zebra dove, black-naped oriole, golden-bellied flyeater and Philippine pygmy woodpecker.
However, there are must-see birds as well. Top of the list is the Philippine eagle. Others are Palawan peacock pheasant, steere’s pitta, Philippine cockatoo, scale-feathered malkoha, rufous hornbill, green racquet-tail, spotted wood kingfisher, Apo myna and Bukidnon woodcock.

What to bring when bird watching

When you embark on bird watching in any of the sites mentioned above, make sure to bring binoculars and camera with you. You should also bring a guide and journal where you can document the experience.
Also, bird watching is a hobby that is not for everybody. Patience is a virtue, and it holds true for this hobby. If you cannot stand long hours of silence, you might as well give it up. Respect for the birds and their natural habitat are also necessary.

The Philippines is a home to hundreds of bird species, each one of which has its own distinct beauty. Our avian bionetwork is legendary, making the entire archipelago as the latest bird watching hotspot. There are many choices for bird watching sites even in and around the metro. While bird watching is a worthwhile activity, this is not for everybody. It takes drive patience and passion to be a bird watcher!  

Monday, April 10, 2017

Top 6 Kitchen Ideas for Every Home

For homeowners, designing kitchen is as much important as the other rooms in the house. It doesn’t matter whether you live in South Park District or any real estate property in the Philippines, designing your kitchen is within your reach. Yes, it is within your reach since you can!

However, not all of us here can achieve the desired outcome. Perhaps, they don't have any idea on how they can effectively and successfully design their kitchen without any compromises. To give you an idea, below are some tips most experts suggest to every homeowner who plans to design their kitchen. And mind you, it's easy and doable.

1. Think ahead

You can’t start renovating or decorating your kitchen when you don’t have any idea on what you want to do at all. Thinking ahead also means envisioning your ideal kitchen. From its structure way up to where you want to put your kitchen utensils matters the most. And of course, thinking ahead doesn’t just end up with envisioning to what you want to do with the kitchen; you also have to consider a proper plan on how you can successfully achieve the kitchen that you desired the most.

2. Make room for storage

When it comes to your kitchen, storages are important. However, this is also one of the common mistakes most homeowners fail to consider while still in the planning process. As a result, they tend to place utensils and other goods anywhere in the kitchen. And mind you, it is not a good sight. The most common storage most homeowners used is the overhead cabinets. With that, it is easier for you to grab the things you need. Moreover, this is also one way to save enough space to your kitchen area.

3. Space and surface

Whether you agree with me on this or not, there is no such thing as too little space for your kitchen. Yes, since it will always be up to you on how you make room for everything found in the kitchen. Moreover, taking care of your kitchen space is also one of the things you should never ignore. As a homeowner, it is also your duty to maintain a clean kitchen environment, especially when it comes to cleaning the grout between tiles. Well, cleaning will be much easier if you do it on a regular basis.

4. Safety first

Above all, safety is the number one priority you should and must do. Every after cooking, you need to turn off the gas range properly for as not to ignite a fire. Of course, outlets should be free from wires, especially when you are not using its electricity. Think safety first, and you will have a better kitchen experience.

5. Good lighting

Proper installation of lighting is needed in the kitchen. Unlike with the other rooms you have at home, kitchen lightings should be sufficient enough to light the entire place. If your light is not properly positioned to fall in front of you, you will most likely cast a shadow on the workplace. Mind you; it’s going to be painful to the eyes. And don’t forget that lights Under-cabinet should shine directly on the countertops.

6. Power play

If you think you don’t need any power source in your kitchen, then you better think again. In fact, having a power source is one of the things you should never forget to consider while still in the planning to process. There’s a caveat, though; you have to make sure to locate the power source in its appropriate place for other new appliances. For instance, if you have your rice cooker and other appliances that need electricity, make sure that they are properly fitted to its place.