Thursday, October 27, 2016

Comprehensive Checklist When Looking for a Quality Real Estate Broker

Buying a new is not just as simple as picking the unit you wish to buy and paying for it. The process involved in formally enrolling the home under your name requires lots of documents and negotiations a lot of potential homeowners may not have to time to deal with.

This is where real estate brokers come in. They’re experts in helping private individuals make their home purchase successfully.

There are lots of various housing options including leading names like Amaia homes. When looking for a reliable agent, this sample checklist could help.


All reliable brokers understand that many homeowners are hesitant to trust professionals to work on their house purchase. This is why they show portfolios highlighting the successful sales and negotiations they made in the past.

Before hiring someone, it’s best to first have a look at their background. Their solid experience on the actual brokerage can say a lot about their skills in helping you land the best purchase.

Range of network

Aside from their experience, contacts matter. These are the people whom they get in touch with to ask for deals, negotiate on prices and process documents.

The more connected they are with relevant professionals, the faster it is to process all the necessities for home-buying.

Local knowledge

Ideally, you must hire a professional who is highly knowledgeable about the area where you wish to settle for residence. Their familiarity of the place is a plus factor in helping you compare the pros and cons of prospect options.

Choose someone who has in-depth knowledge of the place.

Expertise in real estate purchase

Legwork such as processing of contract, money transfer and the like takes time and effort. Skilled brokers can do this on your behalf.  When choosing for a professional, make sure you have checked the person’s background in handling businesses.

Just like any fields, real estate is an independent business in itself and requires certain degree of knowledge in order to meticulously conduct every aspect without any errors. The more knowledgeable the broker is, the better.

Work ethics

Whether you like it or not, attitude matters. It’s crucial that you feel comfortable with the person you choose to work with.  

Someone who has excellent work ethics respects your timeline and is willing to adjust their own schedule to accommodate important meetings revolving around your planned purchase. More importantly, it’s also easier to trust professionals who have strong work ethics and who are committed to spending time addressing your needs as their clients.

Negotiation Skills

Brokers are known to be skilled in negotiating, working on helping you get the best value price for a property. However, not all have totally the same negotiation skills. Some are more skilled than the rest. When hiring for someone, make sure to go for those who have proven their abilities in business and have some proof to validate it.

Politeness and honesty

Lastly, consider assessing the politeness and honesty of the broker. They may be more knowledgeable about real estate, but at the end of the day, you are still the boss. You deserve the respect worthy of a client.

Besides, it’s naturally easier to deal with polite professionals compared to those who like to brag.

Hiring a professional real estate broker saves you a lot of time from having to manage all the legwork yourself. Delegate tasks and let the experts bring you the best homes in the table. With their wide knowledge about various home types, they are capable of answering your questions pertaining to the property you want to purchase.

Skim through this checklist and choose wisely! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Five Queries to Determine Your Home Wants and Needs

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It is far better to buy a wonderful property at a fair price than a fair property at a wonderful price. ~Warren Buffet

It has been said that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. This wise adage was coined by none other than Benjamin Franklin himself, and it still rings true until today—especially when you are in the market for a real estate property.

Much of your decision would be attributed to the state of your pecuniary resources and financial capability, but knowing what you want and need in a home would undoubtedly make the search for a new home a lot less complicated. Searching for a new home would require you to contemplate over some various considerations, and it is imperative that you be incredibly precise with what these are.

Remember, identifying your particular wants and needs are paramount to finding the ideal residence. Ask yourself the five questions below before even commencing the hose-hunt to guarantee that when you do find your perfect home, it strikes the perfect balance between your wants and your needs.

1.)    Will I buy or rent? 

Before jumping the wagon and deciding to buy for yourself, take a minute if you see yourself staying in the same residence for quite a while (say some years). True enough, real estate investment may be one of the most consistent and lucrative investments there is, but you may not necessarily need a permanent home at the moment. If you are ready to establish roots with your family, then go ahead and search the market for your ideal home. Otherwise, consider the alternative and rent for the time-being.

2.)    How much space do I need? 

Do you have children? Are you living alone? Will it just be you and your wife? Do you have a big family or a small one? These are just some of the questions to ask yourself to help you determine the space you need for you and your family. Additionally, it would be wise to consider if you see your family expanding so that you can adequately prepare for that with square footage. Take note, regardless of the type of property you choose, square footage is going to cost you money so determine how much space you need and how much you can afford. The amount of space may also determine whether you should get a house and lot in Cavite, in Bacoor specifically or a 2BR condo in Quezon City.

3.)    What kind of neighborhood do I prefer?

Looking for a new home is not only constrained to two aspects that being your budget and space you need. You would also need to consider what kind of neighborhood you would like to reside in and can see yourself living in. It is a matter of preference and knowing whether you want a community in proximity to entertainment and commercial centers or do you want to live in a neighborhood that may be a bit far-flung, but is laid back and more family friendly? Knowing what these would help you narrow down your property selection and choose appropriately.

4.)    What amenities am I looking for? 

Contrary to the mistaken belief that major facilities are limited to condominium owners, most real estate developments and properties nowadays already come with an array of amenities. These would certainly help properties sell faster and would sweeten the deal for buyers. Determine what amenities you are looking for and see if those are available in your prospective neighborhood as this can be a determining or deciding factor of which property to buy.

5.)    What are the aspects I am willing to compromise on? 

Remember that, unless you have a sizable budget to accommodate all your wants and needs in a home, you are going to have to compromise on some aspects. Ask yourself how much you want to invest in a home beyond the purchase price, whether in sweat equity or monetary terms, if you cannot find what you exactly want. Take note that your needs should take precedence over your wants and know when you can appropriately compromise. This would make the entire logistics of looking for a home much easier.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Top 5 Secret Spots At Home You'd Probably Don't Know

Admittedly, we are all good at hiding. We hide some secrets from our family and friends. Perhaps, you want to hide something for them not to get mad or jealous over a simple thing; or from the potential thieves with some good sense of sight.  Whatever the reasons may be, it is undeniable that you want to hide something. Whether you live in any Amaia Home or any real estate property, there are limited spots you know. And I’m sure it is not a good spot to hide something, right?

However, if you are desperate enough to hide your things yet you don’t have any idea at all on what and where you should put those valuables, we list down below some secret spots at home you'd probably didn't know.

Closet light

If you have a closet light at home, then this is also one of the places where it can be safe to hide your valuables. Any person will not notice the things hidden inside especially when the light is on. Well, if you are willing to pay an amount of money, then you can also purchase a closet lighting without any need of wiring. With this, it will not be that obvious to any other person that you are hiding something in there.

Wall art

Just like your bedroom mirror, you can also choose to hide your valuables behind your wall art. With a flat wall surface, who would notice that there are some things hidden behind it. Well, just make sure that your wall art is not suspicious enough for a person to be curious to look what’s behind it. Moreover, the more flat it is, the more it is convincing it is.

Pantry items and cleaning supplies

Household cleaning supplies and other cleaner products are one of the safe places where you can hide your valuables. Well, if you plan to put your things inside, then make sure that it is clean enough for you to use. Moreover, choose a cleaner that it is not that useful at home. With that, it is still safe whenever someone wants to use a particular cleaner.

Closet light

If you have a closet light at home, then this is also one of the places where it can be safe to hide your valuables. Any person will not notice the things hidden inside especially when the light is on. Well, if you are willing to pay an amount of money, then you can also purchase a closet lighting without any need of wiring. With this, it will not be that obvious to any other person that you are hiding something in there.

Air vents

Air vents are not just used for bathroom or any other rooms for the circulation of air. If you are wise enough, you can install a faux air vent storage units in a hallways or even in your bathroom. With that, burglars or any other sensitive eyes will notice it. They will assume that it is one of the real vents you install for the room. Of course, who would not taught that air vents are also a good place to keep your valuables at home.

Whatever the reason you have for hiding such, then you have to make sure that you are doing the right thing when it comes to what and where you hide your things safely. These things mentioned above are just one of the many spots you can think of at home. If you are just wise and a keen observer, then you will definitely find a better place at home where you can hide confidently your valuables inside.