Friday, May 27, 2016

How To Help Seniors On Moving Day

Ok, let's admit! Moving day can be stressful. There are a lot of things you need to consider for you to have an effective moving day. How much more when it comes to the seniors or elders? They will definitely find it stressful and hassle on their part. That is why you need to be gentle on them when it comes to moving out. Generally, it does not matter if you are going to move into 1016 residences or any other real estate property in the Philippines, you can have a successful moving experience.

If you are one of those homeowners who plan to move out, then you might as well consider these things below to make sure that elders are not going to be stressful and hassle on their part. Well, here is how you can support your loved ones during your move.

Downsizing help

This is one of the things you need to consider for as not be a too much hassle on the elder's side. When it comes to downsizing, you have to make sure that you all have to go all the things that are not that useful to you anymore. Keeping these things can make the packing more complicated and hassle.

Plan ahead

Moving out is one of the crucial things for you to decide. Of course, you need to know what things that might be possible to happen. Moreover, it is a must for you to inform your family members, especially with the elders that you are moving out. This issue might be big for them especially when they feel attached to their previous home.

Know how much space is in their new home

Before moving out, you have let the elders take some tour on their new home. Perhaps, make them comfortable first with the place that they are about to stay. Although there might be some adjustments that would make, but at least, they are not going to be in a state of shock once they move into their new home.

Stay realistic

This is one of the things that most homeowners fail to consider. Whether they realize it or not, they tend to make promises that their new home is going to be the best home they are going to have. Of course, some elders would also believe what homeowners would say to them. As a result, they will feel frustrated and disappointed especially when they know that all you have described are all myths. Tell them what is real and the things that are possible to happen once they move in.

Pack smartly

This is also one of the most important things homeowners should consider. If you think that there are things that are not that useful for them already, then do not include them in the packing. Make sure that the things you pack are the ones that are useful enough for you. This is to make sure that you will not be bringing unnecessary things to your soon-to-be-home.

Do not overload boxes

One of the many reasons why moving can be a hassle is that you tend to pack things excessively. If you are a kind of person who does not want any stress at all, then you have to make sure that you pack things in the right order. Moreover, you also have to make sure not to overload boxes for as not to be heavy when you carry it.

Move safely

This is one of the things you definitely need to consider. Of course, you do not want to be injured yourself while moving, right? That is why you have to make sure that you have to pack things ahead for as not to panic when it comes to the moving day. Moreover, keep hallways and pathways clear to make sure that everything and everyone will be safe when moving.

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Friday, May 20, 2016

When Moving: How To Break The News To Your Children

Moving out is a sensitive thing to discuss. Agree? How much more breaking the news to your children? Generally, kids may tend to be attached to your previous home. They may already have friends in your neighborhood, or the place has already been their comfort zone. And telling them that the family would move out can be a heartbreaking for them. Mind you, it would be difficult for them to adapt a new place especially when they are not used to transferring to another home.

However, you can definitely break the misconceptions about children not being cooperative with the move. Of course, that if you know what and what not to do when breaking the new to them. Of course, as their parents you definitely don't want to break their heart, right? no matter where you want to move in; be it in real estate in Manila or any other properties in the Philippines, there is a need for you to do some extra careful when it comes that to matter. And to give you some ideas on how you may want to refer these things below.

Tell them early

When you already have decided to move out, tell your family especially your kids early. Never tell them on the day of the move. They will definitely be hurt not knowing that you will move on that particular day. Telling them ahead of time will give them the chance to prepare themselves for the move. Perhaps, they will set their minds that sooner or later you will all move out on your previous home. At least, they will not be shock hearing the news.

Hold a family meeting

Again, moving out is a sensitive topic to be discussed among the family members. Don't just tell them without any seriousness about the news. You can hold the meeting in the living room where everybody can be around. Try to be formal and take the topic seriously. The new that they are about to hear may not be pleasing to them. There's a caveat, though, don't break the news in the restaurants, they might break into tears and would make a noise in the place.

Set ground rules

Setting ground rules is one of the things that would help the family agree on one particular thing. If there are rules, they would try their best to follow it. Well, you can write down all the rules that were agreed to make sure it will not be forgotten. Moreover, encourage your kids to suggest some rules that may have and take part in the planning process. Of course, this is also to teach your kids to be discipline wherever they are.

Remain open

As a parent, you need to be open with your kids especially when it comes to that matter. If the news made your kids upset, then let it be. Understanding their feelings is also a must for you to consider. One thing is for sure, they will get over it sooner or later. Just make sure that your kids also understand the family's situation. In this way, it may not be that difficult for them to adjust and adapt to their new home.

Be very clear that the decision is final

Upon hearing the news, you kids will most likely oppose the idea of moving out. However, you need to tell them and be clear that your decision is final. Make sure to show to your children that you stand firm on your decision to move out. Wavering on your decision or doubting will cause your kids to be sad and worry about moving out.

Reassure them

One of the most important things to make sure that everything would turn out good is to reassure your children. Tell them that there are also a lot of opportunities and friends waiting for them on their new home. Give them the positive view of moving out. Moreover,  tell them that they will also have fun and enjoy living in their new home.

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Home Design: 5 Features That Make a Retirement-Friendly Home

When it comes to the design of our home, we want it to look like the way we want it to be. There are even some of us here plans to renovate their homes just like the way they imagined. Who wouldn't like that, right? But before you decide on the renovation, have you ever thought about having a feature that would make up a good place for the elderly? Or have you ever thought about whether or not, your grandpa or grandma would live comfortable with the way your home looks like? Perhaps, some of you may have said yes while others are no.

Let's admit it! Not all of us would have thought about having a retirement-friendly home, right? Obviously, one thing that would first come up into our minds when we talk about home renovations is the modern way of renovating the house. Well, modern design is not that bad at all. However, if you are living with elders, you also have to think about having a retirement-friendly home whether you are living in Amaia Scapes Bulacan or any other real estate properties in the Philippines.

But if you are one of those homeowners who just don't have any idea at all on what and what not to do when it comes to home renovations, then you might want to consider these home features that would make up a retirement-friendly home.

Open floor plans

Having an open floor plan will be much easier for the elders to navigate and walk around the house. They won't be worried about tripping off due to the things in front of them. Open floor plans will also give them enough space to move around the house. For family members, this is also one way to easily keep an eye on your elderly relatives.

Generally, removing the walls of your home is one thing that can make a retirement-friendly home. With the spaces provided, this will invite more nature light from your windows to come in and make your living space feel comfortable.

Non-slip, no-trip showers

One of the struggles most elders experience is the shower. Of course, the bathroom would definitely be slippery, especially after using it. Even if it is just a minor accident due to a slippery floor, this can lead to displaced joints, slips, and other serious injuries. I'm sure you don't want that something bad might happen to the elders, right? And God forbid! That is why it is a must for you to install floor-to-ceiling glass doors and level the bathroom floors to prevent unnecessary falls. Moreover, you can use non-slip mats, rugs, and small tools that would help the elders move without any accidents while using the bathroom.

Accessible kitchen counters

For some homeowners, just because they are tall, that doesn't mean they are also going to make high countertops. Of course, you also have to make sure that everyone can access to it, especially when it comes to the elders. Make sure that the edges of the counter are also not pointed that would lead to some accidents. Moreover, choose a home design with kitchen countertops that have the right height.

A ground floor master bedroom

When it comes to elders, you have to treat them in a gentle way. That is why having a ground floor master bedroom is one of the things you can do for them. It is expected that some of them already have arthritis, back problems, and other physical health conditions that could affect their mobility as they age. Of course, this matter should not be taken lightly. Make sure that they will not be struggling when it comes to going to and fro from their bedroom.

Lever-style doorknobs and faucets

This is also one of the many things you should consider before deciding some home renovations. Make sure that the doorknobs and faucets are easier to grab and open or close, especially when both hands are busy handling things. This is also one way to prevent them from hassles, especially for someone with shaky hands.

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Simple Ways to Split the Bills with Your Roommates

Whether you like it or not, you will definitely receive monthly bills. Obviously, it is one of your obligations for you to pay. And if you are living solo, this might be a challenge for you especially when you are on a tight budget. That is why more and more people now prefer to live with a roommate. They even like it when they have a lot of roommates for them to have big saving when it comes to splitting the bills.

However, this is also one of the things why most roommates would misunderstand each other since they don't understand how and what to do when it comes to the splitting of the bills. Yes, it is not just about paying your monthly dues, you also have to make sure that you know how to divide or split the amount fairly for you to avoid any misunderstandings later on. And if you are one of those people who are living with a roommate in Park Point Residences or any other real estate properties, then you might want to refer to these tips below on how to split the bills with your roommate effectively.


When it comes to the bills, the rent is one of the top priority lists you should not take for granted. And this is also one of the things most people tend to be confused on how they are going to split the bills. For some, they would divide the rent by the number of individuals renting the place. While others, they would split the rent through the size of their rooms. If you have a bigger room, then you are going to pay more than the other. However, there are also some people who would split the bills regardless of who has the bigger space than the other. Well, it will definitely be up to you on how you decide when it comes to paying the rent.


Obviously, you and your roommates used the same electricity every time they want to use it. Right? Of course, it is not just about the electricity but also the internet connection and other appliance you have at home. You can't basically count how much electricity you used each month unless you are keen on it. That is why they will most likely split the bills through the number of roommates they have at home.

Other shared expenses

There are actually a lot of other shared expenses you usually share at home – things such as the cleaning materials, laundry, paper products and other things that you share at home. Perhaps, one of the things most people do is to have an alternate payment of each week. For instance, you are going to pay for those things for this week, and the others are for the following week. But of course, you can also go for a fair split. Whoever will use that particular thing, then he or she will also take part when it comes to the payments of it.


Groceries are one of the things that you should know how to split the bills with it. Of course, you don't want to have a shortage of food since you don't have any budget left for having a grocery, Right? That is why it is best for you if you know how to be keen when it comes to money budgeting. Make sure that the money that is allocated for the grocery will be enough for all of the roommates.

Keeping track of bills

This is one of the most important things for you to do – to keep track on the bills. Of course, you don't want to be shocked when it comes to receiving the monthly bills that you have to pay. Well, you can make sure through keeping the track on the previous payments that you had before. And if you think that there is something wrong with it, at least you have the proof for you to show to them.

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