Sunday, January 22, 2017

Common Rental Issues Experienced by Condo Tenants

With the unemployment rate in a drastic increase, more people from provinces are deciding to move to the city and find more opportunities that can make use of their skill.

Some companies who ask their hired employees to relocate pay for all the transfer expenses, but for those who voluntarily settle for a temporary residence, finding quality accommodation that is both accessible from their company office and major transport location is a must.

Modern units such as those condo for rent in BGC are among the top picks of tenants especially those who have a decent-paying job and can afford the convenience that this accommodation offers. Still, amidst the good reviews on most condominiums, there are widespread concerns that are often experienced by tenants around the country. Below are the most common ones.


There are certain rules when it comes to condo occupancy, and the best options are those who make sure that their tenants have a comfortable room that they can live at without having to worry about another party occupying the same unit.

Aside from private occupancy, overcrowding happens when one condo building allows more people to live in different rooms more than what they are originally designed to carry. While some people may not have problems with this, other meticulous and sensitive tenants will have unique concerns, especially with the noise.

Rights of entry by the landlord

Landlords, by their ownership of the land, have the right to visit your personal space perhaps to conduct regular checkup in the case of needed repairs. However, this must be done with prior notice especially if you are occupying the room alone and have properties you don't wish others to see.

Despite the knowledge of this basic etiquette, we still hear reports from tenants who were caught off-guard by their landlord's visit and invasion of their private quarters.

Repair or maintenance coverage

Ideally, the owner of the land you are renting must be the one responsible for any repairs and maintenance in the space. Aside of course if the damage is so high and there is a viable proof that you caused it because of carelessness.

However, there are land owners who refuse to perform their obligation and just let their tenants take care of the damages. Some residents don't mind, but for those who are very meticulous on their expenditures, having to spend for the repair, which is supposedly not their responsibility is a hassle, not to mention a financial burden.

Keeping of pets

There are land owners who are very strict when it comes to tenants taking care of pets. The reason is primarily that of convenience considering that other people in the building might be allergic to pets or may feel uncomfortable with all the loud barking typical of dogs.

Those who have pets and are unwilling to get separated with their favorite home companion may find it difficult to find a unit that allows them to house the animal without any hassles.

Issues with furniture accommodation

Most, if not all, kinds of condominiums are already furnished. This means that necessities such as tables, chairs, sofa set, and bed are already present in the room. If, however, you wish to add other furniture such as a television set or a sound system, agreeing with the landlord beforehand is vital.

Many owners refuse to allow extra furnishing especially those that are run with electricity because this could mean added expense when paying for electrical bills.

Condo units are known to provide a convenient, complete and accessible place of residence, especially for city life. Still, it's highly recommended that you negotiate with the land owner, agree to specific terms and ensure that a written contract for your tenure is duly signed.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Most Practical Furniture to Add in Your New Condo Unit

A new year has come, which means a new year of redesigning opportunities for homeowners who wish to apply the most recent trends in interior design or just want to see something new in their personal space.

For those who plan to reside on condo units for rent in Makati, the freedom to redecorate may be limited based on the property's real owner. However, you could at least, make few additions that would make the place look more personal and convenient according to your preference.

Here is a short list of the most practical and desirable furniture you can include in your place.

Movable cabinets

Cabinets come in very handy in practically all types of room setup. Regardless of the type of residence you have, may it be contemporary or modern, having cabinets is efficient for storing important items such as cash boxes, documents, jewels and even clothing.

There are already lots of variation you can choose from so it shouldn't be that difficult to get yourself one. What you should consider is the built, available space and more importantly, mobility. It's way practical to invest on cabinets that can be moved so you can easily transfer it from one place to another in case you wish to have your place renovated.

Coffee table

It's not a necessity, but one of the reasons why you must grab one is its aesthetic value as well as practicality especially when you have guests. Just like cabinets, you have a lot of options, but if you'd like to be more personal on this item, there are shops that could customize a design as you like.

Coffee tables don't only look great when placed in front of a sofa set. They could also hold magazines and other reading materials that could come in handy when you are bored and would like to do some reading while staying in the living room area.

Comfortable living room cushion

To perfect the appearance of your living room, cushions can provide the aesthetic design you need. In fact, some would argue that your unit will not be complete in the absence of this furniture.

There are different kinds of cushions along with their varied built so you may need to visit an actual shop to try out how comfortable these furniture are when you sit on them.

Foldable chairs

More condo owners are now looking for the chance to gain extra space on their places and since you can't literally build extensions on your specific unit, a good way to have more space in your interior is by using foldable items.

The chairs you use on your dining area and even those extras you have for visitors can be the foldable type to ensure that you can keep them somewhere when not in use.

Huge mirror

This accessory furniture is perfect when placed in your bedroom. Instead of having a separate table with mirror, you can easily substitute the item with a huge mirror capable of a full body reflection.

This is a go-to accessory by condo owners who love the minimalist style of living and uses mirrors often.

Redesigning your personal space is more than just about making it look good for your guests. It's more importantly a chance for you to find the best setup that would be comfortable, serene and fit for your lifestyle.

Start canvassing furniture from different shops and compare their cost. The most popular stores do not always offer the best-value goods. If you'd like, you can even check some quality bargain spots in town. Aside from their original goods, the prices are really affordable.