Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Going Green and Eco-Friendly? Try These Tips!

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A well rounded and balanced house and lot in Sta. Rosa Laguna, Philippines, or any other properties in other parts of the country, is pretty similar to how you envision your dream lover: As beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

To be more concrete regarding this metaphor, the outer facade of a house entices your neighbors to get in into your abode while the inner fa├žade of your home would give them a subtle hint of what kind of neighbor you are. As it is, the aesthetic value should be present in the exterior part of our homes as well as the interior.

However, with today’s modern design, most people are under the erroneous impression that sustainable and aesthetic design is synonymous to high-tech design elements and engineering processes that they would incorporate into their homes.

However, this is a major misconception. Although high-tech elements offer an edgier and intricate design that would enhance the overall look of your homes with its intricate design, they hardly ever come cheap. Additionally, these techy modern designs may add aesthetic value, but it would give your home a stuffy and unwelcome feeling—almost as if toddlers and kids are unwelcome.

Choose to go green and be eco-friendly! By doing so you are not only adding to the aesthetic value of your homes, you are doing Mother Nature and yourself a huge favor as well. Opt to decorate with tangible sustainability in mind. Use less energy, less water, and less renewable resources while still managing to make your home look beautiful.

Here are some ways you can start.

Utilize eco-friendly floors 

A popular choice for ecological design is Bamboo material. Utilizing this as the flooring for your homes gives the entire house an overall cooler feeling. Additionally, this flooring material is as durable as oak, and since it is actually a grass, it is rather quick to grow, renewable and very sustainable thereby any qualms of hurting the environment on your part should be disregarded. Instead of traditional hardwood flooring, choose this as your flooring as your eco-friendly home design option.

Go green with your plumbing 

Harmful chemicals are present in plastic that is a compound present in PVC. To avoid a potentially dangerous health issue, opt for utilizing clay as an option for your underground pipes.  For green alternatives in piping above ground, using aluminum and galvanized steel is a great start.

Make use of natural paints in coloring walls 

Most paints contain VOC (volatile organic compounds) which is anything but eco-friendly. Green paints are natural paints whose composition consists of all natural components such as plant extracts and oils and miners. These are not only eco-friendly but safe as well. Look for paint that is low-VOC or zero-VOC.

For heating and air-condition, use renewable energy

Although quite pricey, installing solar panels is actually a worthy and smart investment. They augment the resale value of your home and would substantially decrease the amount of your monthly electric bill. This green home design became rather popular as it reduces energy consumption and actually creates and stores energy for use. For heating and air-conditioning, utilize natural gas.

For sidings, choose materials that are environmentally friendly 

Wood, stucco or aluminum sidings are just some of the choices you have for a green home design option. They will instantly make your home feel cooler and cozier. Do not use PVC vinyl siding—this releases toxins and is not reusable nor biodegradable.

Use tankless system or solar energy

Utilize energy efficient heaters which are a feature present in solar and tankless water heaters. Your energy bill will thank you for it, and hot water is always available at your disposal.

Invest in furniture made from recyclable or renewable materials 

Choose organic cotton bedding, curtains made of recycled polyester and maybe sheets that are made of hemp. Your living room could feature couches made from bamboo, recycled wood or teak. There are a lot of green options to choose from.

Going green and eco-friendly is a smart choice. It exemplifies your conscious effort in keeping the environment at the forefront of designing and decorating your home. And that, in itself, is already doing your part in keeping Mother Nature healthy.

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