Friday, June 10, 2016

For Renters: Simple and Effective Tips For Down Payment

"Do not save what is lefty after spending, but spend what is left after saving."
-Warren Buffet-

Admittedly, saving is undeniably hard. Considering that there are so many things we want to buy, saving may not be our top priority. Not to mention homeowners who are having a hard time saving because of the high-cost bills. Of course, you need to think about paying such fees. Right? However, do you know that it is much easier and faster for you to pay your bills when you have some money to spare? Yes, it is understandable that we have so many things to think about such as our daily expenses, bills, and even HOA fees. But that is not enough reason not to save.

How much more if you plan to rent a property in Alveo condominium Pampanga (or any other real estate property in the Philippines)? Obviously, you cannot invest or rent if you do not have any money for the down payment. If you are thinking about renting yet you do not have any budget at all, then this is the time for you to discipline yourself when it comes to saving for such purpose. And to give you some ideas on what to do to achieve a better outcome in saving, then you might refer to these tips below.

Set a target goal

Setting your mind with a target goal is a significant factor you need and must consider. Of course, you will not be motivated and determined enough if you do not have any goals in mind. However, if you have one, then you will strive harder to reach and achieve such goal. And since you are aiming for the down payment, you have to plan out your lifestyle (or even change if necessary) to fit into your needs. You can also seek help from financial advisers. They can guide you on what you need to do especially when this is your first time in saving for the down payments.
Assess your spending habits

It is definitely tempting to lavishly spend, especially when we see our favorite men's or ladies' wear. And if you are a kind of person who tends to be tempted easily, then you have to assess your spending habits. Perhaps, you can leave your money at home for you to make sure you cannot spend on a particular thing. As goes with credits card if you use one, leave them at home. Bringing such cash or cards will give you the reason to spend on unnecessary things. And this is not a good habit if you are planning to rent a property.

Shrink your TV package

Whether you realize it or not, television packages are one of the many reasons why it is hard for you to save. I'm sure it will not hurt and kill you when you minimize the subscription on TV movie promos. Instead of watching too much TV, you can definitely shift to reading books. It does not just save you a lot of expenses, but this will also help you unleash your creative side. Of course, you can also increase your vocabulary when you read. However, if you are a type of person who really loves to watch movies, then you have to be moderate when it comes to subscribing.

Drop the gym membership

It is true that going to the gym is a big help when it comes to losing and shaping your body. However, if you intend to rent a property, you need to think about the money that you need to pay for the down payments. Instead of paying your gym membership, why don't you save it for the down payment? There are a lot of exercises at are as effective as going to gym. Perhaps, you can do some jogging, running, walking, hiking, climbing and other activities that do not involve money.

Open a high-yield savings account

This is an important thing most people failed to do. When it comes to saving, it is a big help to you when you open a high-yield savings account. Keeping your cash on wherever you go can be a dangerous thing, it will invite you to spend on the thing that you want. However, keeping your savings in a bank promotes and ensures effective savings.

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