Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Basic Condo Maintenance Hacks You Can do by Yourself

Home maintenance is an essential responsibility of everyone. Whether we own a place or just renting for a particular period, being able to keep the home's cleanliness and comfort level is a must.

While it's now easier to ask professional support for repairs, there are minor issues that we can personally address without having to spend. Below are some essential maintenance hacks you can do once in a while to keep your unit clean and conducive for living.

De-clog your drain

Drains get clogged over time as a result of all the debris, hair strands, and other items flushed through it on a regular basis. When not maintained, this debris could accumulate and eventually block the passage of water down the pipe. As a rule of thumb, it's advisable to conduct a regular check on your drain to make sure that its clean and free of debris that may clog the passageway.

Remove the drain cover and collect the debris that has accumulated. After taking them off, pour baking soda or hot water with vinegar into the sink to flush down all the remaining debris.

Patch cracked wall

Living in properties like the Solstice condominium means that you also have to deal with other tenants in the building. The room you occupy may be connected to another room occupied by a different tenant so there is a chance that the shared wall connecting your units can exhibit initial signs of cracks. As a preemption method, take the time to patch those cracks before it affects a bigger part of the wall.

An effective suggestion is to use a drywall mesh tape on top of the crack. You can then top it up with a drywall mud. To achieve an even surface, you may then repaint the entire wall as soon as the drywall mud dries up.

Cover up damaged furniture

No matter how good the quality of furniture is, there will come a time when it would wear out as a result of frequent usage. Instead of instantly deciding to throw the broken material, explore your options and patch them up.

Broken furniture destroys the overall appearance of your condo interior so you either take them off or do something to remedy the damage. For cracked glass tables, for instance, you may decide to cover them up using creative tablecloth fit for your interior's theme.

Put powder to remedy squeaky floors

This is an old trick found useful by a lot of homeowners who have issues with squeaking floors. Talcum powder is the most popular option used by many owners. Just lather the floor edges with the powder using a paintbrush.

Freshen up the atmosphere using citrus fruits

The bad smell is a real turn off in any home setup. Apart from its negative impact on convenience, it can also be a health hazard especially if you let the smell stay for long. The cause of the smell may be from a rotten food that can carry airborne bacteria. A recommended home remedy is to gather empty jars, preferably those made of glass and put in some citrus fruits.

Try slicing orange or lemon and place them inside the jar. You can also add water to lengthen its lifespan. The natural smell of these citrus fruits is efficient in driving off the bad smell and providing a fresher, healthier scent to your place.

Be more responsible in taking good care of your private quarters and make sure all things are functioning well. Be mindful of the initial signs of damage and address it as early as possible. The earlier damages are repaired, the smaller the problem. Don't wait for the issue to escalate where you will need to pay high. Provide the necessary solution ASAP.

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