Wednesday, January 3, 2018

8 Home Design Trends To Ditch in 2018

If you need a reason to revamp your home, then use the new year. Besides a fresh coat of paint, removing pieces that are no longer work for you should be your top priority. Imagine a new condo in Nuvali, Laguna. Do you think it would have design elements from last year? Not a chance.

Before you start opening large trash bags or making an inventory for a garage sale, you need to look into the trends that didn't make 2018.

1. Bamboo panels

Say goodbye to your dreams of hardwood floors made of bamboo. Wooden boards made of bamboo are less durable than boards made of lumber. Consequently, the trend is slowly ebbing as a sustainable home design. The trend’s popularity from the recent years resulted in the expansion of bamboo fields. Most farms and foliage became bamboo plantation to accommodate the demand, 

The production of bamboo also exhibits high carbon emissions. Since most of the material is produced elsewhere, mostly in Southeast Asian countries, it is far from its market. To become an ethical homeowner, you must choose materials locally produced.

2. Bare shelving

Open shelves and wall storages are aesthetically photos. In real life, it’s a hassle to maintain the stack of items on each level. It's bothering to place things on top of the other. Imagine how long it would take for you to wipe off the dust on each item.

3. Brass

Brass stands on the same level as rose gold. It's at the point where everyone has a hint of brass or faux gold in their home. The color and material still have its glam, particularly unlacquered ones. However, using it to all the elements at home - water fixtures, furniture, and hardware - makes the area less organic.

You can replace some of the items in your home with other elements. You venture to other metallics or paint the details with dark mattes or pastel neutrals.

4. Exposed lights

Bare lights were also part of the vintage home styles. However, the trend can is now oversaturated. You can see track lighting in stores, studios, and offices. To avoid looking crowded and gaudy, you can incorporate recessed lighting instead. It keeps the room looking clean and minimalist.

5. Granite surfaces

It’s much better to embrace low maintenance materials than those that need constant polishing. Granite had its moment in 2017, but it’s time to trade it for something visually appealing like marble. You could also try quartz. The material is sleek and full of luster. Though granite is versatile, it can be quite dull and dated.

6. Industrial pieces

Industrial pieces of furniture and decorative elements are still acceptable in contemporary design. These parts have character and personality which helps bring out the theme of the place. Unfortunately, some manufactured pieces can seem unnatural.

You must avoid the faux industrial look when decorating. It makes the area outdated and feel artificial. If you want to incorporate items that have a story to tell, go for vintage artworks, statues, sculptures and antique centerpieces.

7. Rustic details

Reclaimed wood, pieces of furniture and the charm of the countryside has no place in 2018. The new year focuses on the sleek and the sexy. Combining old and dated pieces of wooden furniture, dark varnishes and salvaged treasures can be too much. 

If you want to make the trend work for you, it helps to combine elegant and polished pieces. A wooden coffee table works well with a curved pastel loveseat. Stained kitchen cabinets are best with a marble or quartz countertop.

8. Stark white rooms

Next to black, white is the second versatile color in the areas that drabble with the design. The color is full of light which effectively illuminates the dark parts of a home. Painting with white is a cheap way to add illumination in a room. However, the color is already oversaturated.

Designers and trendsetters are looking for ways to break off the pale color. Adding neutrals and other dark colors is a powerful way to enhance the look. Using a different material is another way to refresh your current home style.

There you have it! If you have these eight design trends in your home, think it thoroughly and assess your current home style. Some of them may still work for you. If not, consider including them in your yard sale or trade them for the sleek and polished pieces of 2018.

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