Friday, May 13, 2016

Home Design: 5 Features That Make a Retirement-Friendly Home

When it comes to the design of our home, we want it to look like the way we want it to be. There are even some of us here plans to renovate their homes just like the way they imagined. Who wouldn't like that, right? But before you decide on the renovation, have you ever thought about having a feature that would make up a good place for the elderly? Or have you ever thought about whether or not, your grandpa or grandma would live comfortable with the way your home looks like? Perhaps, some of you may have said yes while others are no.

Let's admit it! Not all of us would have thought about having a retirement-friendly home, right? Obviously, one thing that would first come up into our minds when we talk about home renovations is the modern way of renovating the house. Well, modern design is not that bad at all. However, if you are living with elders, you also have to think about having a retirement-friendly home whether you are living in Amaia Scapes Bulacan or any other real estate properties in the Philippines.

But if you are one of those homeowners who just don't have any idea at all on what and what not to do when it comes to home renovations, then you might want to consider these home features that would make up a retirement-friendly home.

Open floor plans

Having an open floor plan will be much easier for the elders to navigate and walk around the house. They won't be worried about tripping off due to the things in front of them. Open floor plans will also give them enough space to move around the house. For family members, this is also one way to easily keep an eye on your elderly relatives.

Generally, removing the walls of your home is one thing that can make a retirement-friendly home. With the spaces provided, this will invite more nature light from your windows to come in and make your living space feel comfortable.

Non-slip, no-trip showers

One of the struggles most elders experience is the shower. Of course, the bathroom would definitely be slippery, especially after using it. Even if it is just a minor accident due to a slippery floor, this can lead to displaced joints, slips, and other serious injuries. I'm sure you don't want that something bad might happen to the elders, right? And God forbid! That is why it is a must for you to install floor-to-ceiling glass doors and level the bathroom floors to prevent unnecessary falls. Moreover, you can use non-slip mats, rugs, and small tools that would help the elders move without any accidents while using the bathroom.

Accessible kitchen counters

For some homeowners, just because they are tall, that doesn't mean they are also going to make high countertops. Of course, you also have to make sure that everyone can access to it, especially when it comes to the elders. Make sure that the edges of the counter are also not pointed that would lead to some accidents. Moreover, choose a home design with kitchen countertops that have the right height.

A ground floor master bedroom

When it comes to elders, you have to treat them in a gentle way. That is why having a ground floor master bedroom is one of the things you can do for them. It is expected that some of them already have arthritis, back problems, and other physical health conditions that could affect their mobility as they age. Of course, this matter should not be taken lightly. Make sure that they will not be struggling when it comes to going to and fro from their bedroom.

Lever-style doorknobs and faucets

This is also one of the many things you should consider before deciding some home renovations. Make sure that the doorknobs and faucets are easier to grab and open or close, especially when both hands are busy handling things. This is also one way to prevent them from hassles, especially for someone with shaky hands.

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