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When Moving: How To Break The News To Your Children

Moving out is a sensitive thing to discuss. Agree? How much more breaking the news to your children? Generally, kids may tend to be attached to your previous home. They may already have friends in your neighborhood, or the place has already been their comfort zone. And telling them that the family would move out can be a heartbreaking for them. Mind you, it would be difficult for them to adapt a new place especially when they are not used to transferring to another home.

However, you can definitely break the misconceptions about children not being cooperative with the move. Of course, that if you know what and what not to do when breaking the new to them. Of course, as their parents you definitely don't want to break their heart, right? no matter where you want to move in; be it in real estate in Manila or any other properties in the Philippines, there is a need for you to do some extra careful when it comes that to matter. And to give you some ideas on how you may want to refer these things below.

Tell them early

When you already have decided to move out, tell your family especially your kids early. Never tell them on the day of the move. They will definitely be hurt not knowing that you will move on that particular day. Telling them ahead of time will give them the chance to prepare themselves for the move. Perhaps, they will set their minds that sooner or later you will all move out on your previous home. At least, they will not be shock hearing the news.

Hold a family meeting

Again, moving out is a sensitive topic to be discussed among the family members. Don't just tell them without any seriousness about the news. You can hold the meeting in the living room where everybody can be around. Try to be formal and take the topic seriously. The new that they are about to hear may not be pleasing to them. There's a caveat, though, don't break the news in the restaurants, they might break into tears and would make a noise in the place.

Set ground rules

Setting ground rules is one of the things that would help the family agree on one particular thing. If there are rules, they would try their best to follow it. Well, you can write down all the rules that were agreed to make sure it will not be forgotten. Moreover, encourage your kids to suggest some rules that may have and take part in the planning process. Of course, this is also to teach your kids to be discipline wherever they are.

Remain open

As a parent, you need to be open with your kids especially when it comes to that matter. If the news made your kids upset, then let it be. Understanding their feelings is also a must for you to consider. One thing is for sure, they will get over it sooner or later. Just make sure that your kids also understand the family's situation. In this way, it may not be that difficult for them to adjust and adapt to their new home.

Be very clear that the decision is final

Upon hearing the news, you kids will most likely oppose the idea of moving out. However, you need to tell them and be clear that your decision is final. Make sure to show to your children that you stand firm on your decision to move out. Wavering on your decision or doubting will cause your kids to be sad and worry about moving out.

Reassure them

One of the most important things to make sure that everything would turn out good is to reassure your children. Tell them that there are also a lot of opportunities and friends waiting for them on their new home. Give them the positive view of moving out. Moreover,  tell them that they will also have fun and enjoy living in their new home.

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