Sunday, August 13, 2017

Low-key Upgrades You Should Do to Increase Home Value

Almost everyone is looking for the cheapest house and lot for sale in the Philippines. However, there’s a connotation that cheap houses are unorganized and under maintained. It is a sentiment that comes with resold homes passed to different owners.

Whether you’re selling or planning to sell your property, you should know how to maintain the value of your house. The simplest solution is by making improvements regarding interiors. There are many aspects of the house that need changes, yet the elements go unnoticed. Thus, it slowly decreases your home value without you knowing. We’ve compiled our notes and found some minor upgrades you can and should do to raise your property’s value.



A kitchen is a busy place. Sometimes, we prepare meals more than three times. We can say it is the most abused room in the house. Check the faucets, lighting fixtures and cabinets. Are they still in good condition? Are they still functioning well? If not, replace them with new ones.

A rusty faucet, dimming lights and squeaky cabinets and doors are signs of an aging home. Get a new faucet and ask help from a plumber or family member who knows how to replace water fixtures. Same with light fixtures. Get them changed as soon as you buy a new one. Replace the bulb while you’re at it. Put some oil on the cabinet and door hinges to remove the squeaking sounds. Give them a fresh look by coating it with a new color. You can also change the handles to make it visually appealing.

The kitchen also has the most appliances. Once in a while, test their condition. Are they still in their top shape? More importantly, do you still use them? Donate or dispose of appliances that no longer serves a purpose. Have broken ones repaired and if it’s not possible anymore, buy a new one.  


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There’s nothing more annoying than a toilet bowl without a flush. It may be a small inconvenience for some, but it’s a feature that people expect in a bathroom. You need to get this covered as soon as possible or say goodbye to you prospective buyers.

Upgrade the bathroom by fixing the flush, water sources, and the faucets. Make sure there are no leaks that could cause flooding. If you have a shower, replace the shower head for a better water pressure and surge. A low-key way to change the look of the bathroom is by changing the toilet seat and installing a pedestal sink. A sink would complete the look of a barren bathroom.

Living Room, Bedroom, and Guest Rooms

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The signs of wear and tear are reflected on the walls.

White turns to yellow and dark and bright colors fade into its light counterparts. The old paint starts to flake. Bring life to the rooms by painting the walls. You may use the same color on the wall or get a makeover by splashing a different color. Include the ceiling to revive all interiors. You can paint the trim with an eye-catching color contrast to the ceiling and the wall.

Another thing to add to your rooms is storage spaces. Storage can be in the form of shelving units, cabinets, closets, and drawers. A place with an organized storage area and designation is presentable and pleasing to the eye. If you’re feeling cramped with all the stuff you have, consider arranging your house to make space for extra shelves. Although the clutter can also mean purging stuff, it is also a perfect time for you to assess your home when it comes to layout and storage.

Front door and Entryway

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A house, no matter the size, needs an entryway.

The entryway separates the front door from the living room or receiving area. It gives the people a moment to pause before taking in the rest of the house. The entrance is the first thing that visitors see. Therefore, their judgment will rest on the appearance of these two. The goal is to have an inviting and enticing front so your house can make a lasting impression.

If the door shows signs of weathering while the knob doesn’t cooperate anymore, it’s time to upgrade. Paint or varnish the door. Install a new doorknob and update the locks. Add some decorations beside the door like potted plants, a welcome mat, and outdoor lighting. The entryway also needs decorations, but it needs more functionality that visuals. Have a repurposed bookshelf as shoe racks or barrel crates for umbrellas and other stuff. Don’t forget to add a hanging rack for your coats.

These upgrades are low-key because these details are often missed out by homeowners. Once buyers notice that you’ve taken extra steps to make the house as welcoming as possible, you will get extra points that may help you close a deal sooner than you have thought.

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