Thursday, November 23, 2017

Home Living: 5 Ways for an Uplifting Bedroom

A happy home starts with well-coordinated parts. Fulfilled families enjoy their kitchen, bonding time in the living room and time of reflection and solitude in the bedroom. Each area has a function and a feature that helps the family towards their desires and goals.

To achieve their dreams and goals, they need ample rest each day. Thus, the home needs to secure its most intimate sanctuary - the bedroom. Rest and rejuvenation happen in the room, so it's essential to create a positive and uplifting aura. You can achieve that by following these five steps.

1. Make the bedroom a sacred place.

The bedroom is made for sleeping. Try not to conduct adrenaline-inducing and highly-stressful activities such as working out, doing homework or catching up unfinished tasks from work. Bringing these pursuits in the bedroom allows the brain to associate the actions to the room.

If there are no other options to conduct these activities at home, you can designate a specific place to work. Using a desk or study table compiles all the necessary things you need while giving you the comfort to work on the things to accomplish.

2. Allow sunshine and fresh air to enter the space.

Sunlight is not only healthy, but it is also an effective mood lifter. Exposure to sunlight helps the body adjust its circadian rhythm to its natural state. Opening the blinds during daytime will bring positive effects to your body. Consequently, allowing the rays of the sun to penetrate the room kills the bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Meanwhile, refreshing the quality of air on a daily basis gets rid of the stagnant element in the atmosphere. Fresh air is good for the body as it helps the body function properly.

3. Add a headboard.

A headboard is not only an ornament or decorative piece in the bedroom. It is useful in providing support to your head when sleeping. Installing a headboard is essential in the practice of feng shui as it allows for protection to the subconscious mind as it goes to reestablish energy levels to a balanced state.

4. Paint the walls with pale hues.

Muted and soft colors resemble the color of nature. At the same time, the colors provide calming effects as it has a relaxing impact on the body. For instance, blue slows down the heart rate which in turn decreases the blood pressure and stabilizes breathing levels.

If you want to encourage positive thoughts in your room, paint it with green. Bright yet subdued shades of green are associated with happiness and nature. Other pale colors like pink, lavender, lilac, and peach are some of the colors you can use in the bedroom.

5. Keep it clean

A happy home is a clean home, and a clean home starts with tidy rooms. Take time to organize and declutter your sacred space. A messy room is not only disorganized. It also provides a stressful and unappealing sight. Instead of looking forward to spending time in your room, you will be deterred with the idea as it becomes a head sore to sort the mess.

To prevent unmanageable clutter, dispose of junk and the things you no longer need. Sweep and mop the floor, remove cobwebs and place the items in their respective storages.

Making the bedroom the most comfortable and the most appealing space at home is vital to a happy home. With sunlight, suitable colors and storages for all distracting items in the room, you can achieve a relaxing bedroom in your house and lot in the area of Cavite. There are various house and lot for sale in Cavite that are sure to help you get a good night’s sleep.

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