Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Joy of Having a Home: Defining a 30-Something's Home Style

The home design you have in your 30s varies from the one you use to have in your twenties. The past decade was for indecisiveness and exploration. You were energetic, adventurous and curious. You were alone or with a partner. You focused on your career instead of building a family. Thus, your home was open to family and friends. It had lots of color and textures. There were mismatched covers, patterns and random pieces of furniture.

It's understandable as you had different wants and needs during that time. You also faced challenges regarding your paycheck. As you age and step up, your paycheck gets bigger and you have more money to spend. You are sure of your career path, and there might be a baby along the way. You may currently have one running in the area. Therefore, your home style turns from tacky and flashy to practical and refined.

Though some thirty-somethings already have a grasp of their aesthetic, some are still trying to figure out what they want to include in their house and lot for sale in Cavite. If you lack ideas on what to include when decorating the cheapest house and lot for sale in Philippines, here are 6 items you must have once you reach your 30s.

1. A great piece of art

Besides a lamp and overhead lights, nothing brightens your day than seeing your favorite piece of art on the wall. Gazing on the artwork for a few minutes gives you some time to reflect on warm memories.

2. A pup or plant

A living thing such as a puppy or a green leafy plant brings life to your space. It also creates a healthy environment. Dogs require movement so you'll be forced out of the house. Meanwhile, a flower or a succulent adds color and beauty while clearing the air of toxins.

3. A high-quality mattress

Photo taken by Alisa Anton

It's not enough to sleep on a bed made of foam. Bet your money on the mattress that best supports your form. Research about them mattress types and consult the assistants from the store for the one that fits your budget and taste.

4. A set of dishes for dinner parties

Photo taken from Unsplash

Adults still know how to have fun. They entertain themselves through dinner parties. Potlucks, wine tasting events, and invitations of hosting a three-course meal on weeknights are some of the activities on their social calendar. To join the fun, invest in porcelain dishes. Paper plates and red cups just aren't classy.

5. A handy garment steamer

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These years are for when you jump from one meeting to another. It's also the time when you meet a client or a customer. You want to look your best - professional and polished. A garment steamer ensures your outfit is in great condition. Best of all, it makes a cheap ensemble turn to a high-end find.

6. A reliable vacuum

A true-blue adult cleans up after themselves. Unfortunately, those who do have limited time. They have to pick over home responsibilities over their working hours. Hence, they need tools and equipment to keep things simple. A reliable vacuum cuts cleaning time in half and gives them time to accomplish other tasks at home.

Home style comes naturally once you do your homework. Keeping the items, you treasure in your current home and discarding those that don't work anymore helps you define your aesthetic.

It's best to account for your family's interests too. Your 30s are all about family and deep connections. Making a kid-friendly environment, incorporating personal touches and embracing open spaces are some home elements that elevate the joy in your home.

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