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Useful Home Items People Forget on Move-In Day

It is undeniable that move in day is one of the most stressful days after turnover. Packing the home decorations and appliances from your rental or former home takes a lot of effort especially when you have a lot of items to consider. The stress becomes twofold when you have to do it alone. Your partner caught up with the workload is no fun when you are just about to move in together. At the same time, packing children's toys, books, and other sports equipment bought in The District Imus can be an emotional affair once you start recalling the good times you had in the area.

All of these can make you forget what to pack and bring over your new home. Having a moving in together checklist will remind you the things to take with you or purchase once in the new neighborhood. Homeowners and renters tend to forget the necessary and most useful items. To avoid inconvenience or delays in settling in your home, you can consider adding these functional items to your checklist. Sorting the objects by room is one way to maintain organized when packing.

1. Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the rooms that has several essentials attached to it.


It is the most unattractive yet significant item to have to lie around the loo. The plunger is the answer to bathroom woes as it unblocks toilets, sinks, and drains. Its rubber flap folds out to fit snugly into the opening at the bottom of the bowl or tap and create suction. There are two kinds of plunger available at home improvement stores or the home cleaning section of supermarkets - the cup and flange. The cup plunger is useful for a blocked sink drain. Meanwhile, a flange plunger on-hand is best for the toilets.

Clothes Bin

The dirty clothes you remove each day needs a place to stay. It doesn't matter if you put your clothes on wash daily. The pile must have a place to stay unless you want them to be a tangled lump on the floor. Thus, you must have storages for the tops, bottoms, and undergarments especially when you schedule your laundry on weekdays.

First Aid Kit

Accidents are unpredictable. You can cut yourself while unpacking your stuff or have a wound that needs attending. A first aid kit nearby easily patches you up. Don't forget to stock it with the necessities and tools to use.

2. Kitchen

Don't forget the plates! It's one of the things guests mind—other than the food.

 A Bottle of Expensive Booze

Stock a bottle of your poison—a champagne, whiskey, scotch—to celebrate any occasion or milestone.


Does water stain or rings on surfaces of coffee and dining tables irk you? Then you better not forget to have some coasters with you. Though coasters are widely available in home section and home improvement shops of The District Dasmarinas, being ready with your own set helps you save your furniture from diminishing its value and beauty. You will enjoy a cup of coffee or tea without the pressure or maintain the state of your surfaces.

Fire Extinguisher

It's best to stock it near sources of fire to minimize the damages in case an emergency ensues. Find out how to use it so it won't remain a display.

Food Processor

Those wondering the importance of a food processor should get one. It cuts cooking time in half and limits the mess you create during meal prep. You can shred, slice, mince and puree fruits and vegetables for a short period especially if you have to provide for a large group.


A mixer is a must for fanatics of baking. A stand mixer is steady but takes more counter space than a handheld electric mixer.

Oven Mitts

Homeowners and renters with an oven at their place must ensure they have oven mitts. Moving in with a boyfriend is exciting, but it isn't as fun as getting your hands burned. Some may find these unnecessary because they can substitute kitchen towels or any cloth available. Unfortunately, these substitutes can lead to nasty burns on your skin.

Porcelain Flatware

Dinnerware is the best investment when considering kitchen accessories. You will use it to entertain guests and feed your family. Make sure to go for plates, saucers, and serving platter that you will love. You can go for bright colors and bold designs or stick with neutrals, Make sure to choose dishwasher friendly flatware.

Salt Pepper Shakers

Every detail counts once you settle in your new abode. Salt and pepper shakers that aren't plastic adds sophistication to your dining set. The shakers are also handy in times you wish to add flavor to your meals.

3. Bedroom

Lo and behold, your haven. But you can't rest until you have everything you need.


Your jewelry needs a safe landing after a day of painting the town red. Clumping earrings and ring isn't a pretty sight. It can also scratch surfaces or result in discoloration. The same goes for necklaces and other accessories. Add small trays, tiny bowls, and other decorations that can serve as storages on your list.


The light will guide you during a blackout or power outages. You won't have to stumble on the things in the dark. If you already have one, check if it still works. Replace its batteries and survey its bulbs. Get a new one if there's no hope for your trusty flashlight.

Garment Steamer

It glides over the fabric and easier to use than the traditional iron. People on the go and jet-setter should have one.

4. Living Room

Window coverings

The dusty blinds from your previous address won't work in your new one especially if you plan to change room aesthetic. Secure your privacy by upgrading your window treatment. Adding luxurious drapes on sheer curtains prevents nosy neighbors from peeking into your casa.


Toss the vacuum that doesn't work and get a new one. Purchasing one guarantees results whenever you deep clean.

Both homeowners and renters have several things to manage upon moving in a new place. Therefore, they are likely to miss out on the small appliances and home accessories to include on packing day. You will only realize the value or need for the item once it's missing or out of sight.

Note: This post was first published on January 1, 2016, as "When Moving In: 7 Useful and Important Things Most Renters Forget To Have." It has been updated to be an accurate and comprehensive guide to homeowners.

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