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Home Living: 5 Ways to Decorate a Casual Dining Room

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If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the dining room can be its extension.  It can is the place fulfilling the family's joy. It's where guests and family members come together to celebrate festivities and other important life milestones. Hence, several homeowners have requirements and strict guidelines when decorating their dining area or looking into a new home.

You can always specify the dining room you want in affordable housing in Cagayan de Oro City. You can explore casual dining room ideas to complement your rustic home. There are also modern dining room decorations you can use if you're on a budget.

To find out how to decorate a simple yet stylish dining area, follow the five tips below.

1. Decide between an open-plan vs. a semi-open-plan.

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Weighing the pros and cons of the kitchen layouts will narrow your options. An open-plan dining area is visually stimulating because of its extra spaces. It also encourages a smooth workflow from the kitchen.  Unfortunately, it may not provide the intimacy and seclusion you need. A semi-open plan kitchen gives you a chance to close the area or limit the guest's activity in the area. However, it may result in having an awkward space and restrict the entry of natural light.

Experts prefer a practical and functional layout for the dining area. Remeber, the construction of your dining area dictates the furniture and fixtures you need to complete the room's look. Think about it and choose which complements your lifestyle.

2. Place the right dining table.

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The dining table must be enough to seat the members of the household comfortably while leaving some room to walk around it.  Most of all, it must have the right width to fit flatware and food on the surface. The minimum table width must be 36 inches. Opt for at least 45 inches to display several platters of food, table decorations, and glassware. In case of celebrations, you can add candles and wine bottles to encourage conversations across the table.

Also, consider its height.  Check the table as well as the chairs you will pair it with before buying any. Old tables go with sleek and modern seating, but the wrong height can disrupt the area's design flow. It's also uncomfortable to eat in a seat that's too low or stay in a chair that's too high.

A small casual dining area works best with a round table. It has soft edges and no sharp corners allowing more people to fit in the space. As much as possible, use a pedestal vase to allow extra seating.

Don't forget to measure table-to-wall clearance. Leave 42 to 48 inches between the table and the dining walls to allow diners to sit and get up with ease. Begin measuring the space from the edge of any furniture in the room.

3. Complete the dining area with the perfect seating.

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The chair is essential to completing the look of the look and theme of the dining area. The style you choose defines the ambiance of the room. Whether you want a modern, traditional design, or a combination of both, a well-constructed chair makes a sexy dining room.

Give enough room for people to move. They must not touch their elbows when seated. Most table manufacturers will recommend the ideal number of chairs for the eating space. Each person requires 2 feet to move comfortably. You can squeeze in a seat for a large gathering if there space available.

If you have a large crowd, use a rectangular table as it can occupy up to ten seats.

4.  Look for expert dining room tips on lighting and emphasis.

Professionals suggest placing a rug under the dining table and the chairs to emphasize its grandeur. A carpet or textured runner prevents the pieces of furniture from drowning especially in open-plan dining areas.

For the rug to be a key design element, it must be at least 23.5 inches wider than the tables and chairs on it.

Another dining room decoration tip from the experts is the use of lights. A pendant fixture emitting a warm, suffused glow helps the table become a focal point of the room. The lighting is also a decorative element defining the space. Most of all, it minimizes the use of downlights.

5. Encourage interest by playing with accessories, texture, and warmth.

You can make the area more creative and exciting by hanging selected dining room pictures for walls. Hang a work of art to fill up a bare wall. You can also use a graphic wallpaper, a sign, indoor plants, and a large mirror to fill the space.

For the remaining space in the dining area, use end chairs and carvers. Don't be afraid to place a centerpiece on the dining table the same way you decorate your coffee table.

Combine color, textures, and levels of shine. Include them in your pieces of furniture, walls, and dining room decorations. The room is more flexible in decorations than the kitchen. Don't be afraid to explore your options.

Don't limit your dining area to a table and several chairs. There's more you can do with the room. You can decorate it with functional pieces like your china and teacups, or you can make it a gallery for your other creative work. The dining room is the area of your home to celebrate your food and your life. Make sure you are comfortable in it. 

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